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My family has always lived a DIY lifestyle, which includes gardening and creating our own hot sauce. For years, we have refined our hot sauce and dried pepper recipes based on trial and error, as well as honest feedback from close friends and family.  As our products improved, the feedback evolved into encouragement to make business out of our hobby.  


Over the last several years, we have been working hard build the capacity to produce enough from our gardens to meet a growing demand for our sauces and dried blends.  We will continue to use quality ingredients and maintaining our hand crafted quality.  We have partnered with a local commercial kitchen (local VFW post) and worked closely with our local and state health departments to ensure that we safely produce, bottle, label and sell our products.  


Please view our gallery and video pages to see our process and products!

James and Dee Dee (Son and Mother) at a local wing cook-off.

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